puppy hangover

Good Morning,
    Hope everyone's weekend was great (thinking it was Monday for a minute). Ours was jam packed and I am exhausted because of it. We picked up Scout and haven't stopped. The first night she walked into her crate, curled up and fell asleep so I left her there with the door open and the doggy gates up. About 1.5 hours later (1:30am), she woke up whining so I decided if she pee pee's then she can come sleep with us. She did and it was great, she didn't wake up again til 7am (with Matt). The day was filled with lots of chasing, playing, and running around. 

The IKEA Map in the Dining Room, I love it!

     Thankfully she loves naps. The second she laid down we started getting stuff done around the house. We hung some of our IKEA purchases and I vacuumed, made the bed, blah blah. That night panned out like the previous. She is good about sleeping through the night. There may be one instance where I have to take her to the kitchen to potty or just run around (mainly run around). When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt as if I had been hit by an 18- wheeler. My face hurt, my legs were sore, my back ached, and my head was pounding(all puppy induced, I swear). After a couple accidents early in the day we moved our 2-gal party to the kitchen for the duration of the day. I laid roughly a billion training pads and just sat in the floor with her all afternoon. My goal was to wait for her to eat, poop and curl up for nap, to escape to the grocery store. I was able to sneak out and half way through my trip Matt got home, so she wasn't home awake too long. 
    I was going to make a chicken pot pie for dinner, forgot the rotisserie chicken, so I was going to roast a turkey breast, forgot to pick up the roasting pan I wanted from BBB. SOOO I began to make my cheesecake.. I had everything for that and I was determined to finish it. Remember how pretty it was in the picture?? Well mine turned out completely opposite of that! COMPLETELY. I have a problem  when it comes to reading recipes and I put double (maybe triple) the amount of raspberry sauce in the middle of the cheesecake between the layers and it showed through the top a little. I got to messing with it to make it perfect and well that didn't help. It has been in the fridge setting since last night so we will eat it tonight and I'll (get my nerve up) post a picture and give a taste verdict. 
   After finishing the (not so) beautiful cheesecake, I knew I had to figure out dinner. Savannah sent me a recipe she said was wonderful and I had most of the ingredients so I decided to go ahead with it. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Check out the recipe here and make it tonight!!! The tastiest pasta I've had in a long time!
   Tonight we are having tilapia, veggies and I am going to try hasselback potatoes
   Since I'm spending so much time away from the TV this week I started reading a book Savannah's mom got me for a wedding gift, it's pretty interesting so far. I recommend it :).
   Okay I'm outta here I gotta sick puppy. She has a tummy ache
:(. Poor puppy. I called her breeder and she gave me some advice and I got her some Pepcid A/C. She should be up and better by the middle of the day. Everyone take a look at my new doormat. I ordered it originally and we missed it while we were on our honeymoon but then I found it at BBB. :) Love it! BYE everyone! xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith


Our girl is here!!!

             Yesterday was the day we picked up SCOUT. We drove the 4.5 hour trek to the Shenandoah Valley in Northern Virginia, near the West Virginia state line. The first half of the trip we had seen before going to Ikea but the second half was amazing. We drove through the valley and on either side of us you could see mountain ranges. It was breathtaking. My photography skills while riding in the car were less than perfect but I captured what I could. 

Shenandoah Valley, VA

These views are actually from the mountain we had to drive up to get to the breeder's home. Equally amazing. ahhh.

 The first pups we saw were some of her adult French Bulldogs. So much energy, as you can see. They are a little blurry but the brindle (black) and white Frenchie is Scout's mom, Pandora and the all fawn Frenchie is Scout's dad, Java. Very beautiful parents to make a beautiful little baby. She was the only one of her litter to take after her mom.

Meet Scout
The most precious French Bulldog puppy
and my new bff 

Our car ride was long... very long but after the first 1.5 hour she settled down (after she peed on her blanket). She has never been outside so when we stopped at a rest stop and let her out she was a little freaked out. We are going to re-visit that later this week once she is fully potty trained on her training pads. She has been pretty good about using them, but we have a lot of work to do. As you can see she is the cutest thing on Earth. She looks like a little cow grazing around the apartment. She loves her crate and dragged all her toys and even a potty pad in there last night before falling asleep on her own. She woke up about an hour later and we put her in the bed with us and she slept for over 6 hours. It worked out perfectly. Scout loves the sound her potty pads make and loves to hop around on them and drag them around. This is adorable but we have to cut it out or the first time we leave her alone she will destroy all her pads. She is so small she can't jump on any furniture and has probably walked more the last 24 hours than she has her whole life. Building the muscles in her back legs will make her much more mobile. She is already so lovable. I'll post some videos of her hopping around soon. 

 Favorite toy, potty pads!!!!

 Scout the leopard  

 Scout loves to nap and so does Matt, perfect relationship. 

We are so happy and having so much fun chasing her around. More pictures to come. Have a good Sunday! I AM making the cheesecake today... I started Friday but had to go out and get some stuff and then it became too late blah blah blah... anyways today's the day. Pictures to come. Alright everyone I'll talk to you later. xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith (Scout's momma)


New Curtains

 I ordered my new curtains at Macy's today. I am going to hang them in the bedroom. I love them and they were on sale ( and I used a promo code and a gift card). Now all I have to find are rods. I am going to try Pier 1 and Bed Bath and Beyond first because I have lots of gift cards and I don't think I'll need anything too flashy since the curtains are so adorable. I ordered them in 96'' length instead of 85'', I'd rather have them too long and hem them a little than not having enough to work with.  What do you think??? I'll post pictures when they come in, hopefully early next week :).

I couldn't figure out how to save a picture from the website so just check them out here--> new curtains. I ordered them in Linen. I'm excited!Have a good weekend everyone. Next post I'll be a Scout owner.. loads of pictures to come! xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith


2 days til I get my Frenchie!!!

 Hi everyone, 
   The Monterey Chicken Recipe I tried out Tuesday night was delicious! I almost didn't make it though. I had to use the meat mallet again and I wasn't ready after Monday. Luckily, I didn't get rid of Matt's George Foreman like I had originally wanted because the recipe calls for the chicken to be grilled before popping in it the over to melt the cheese on top. It was very, very easy for 2, any more and I wouldn't have had enough room in the Foreman. I also tried out the parmesan encrusted asparagus. I think I like my asparagus un-encrusted. Matt loved it, but I just thought for the work it took to make it definitely wasn't worth it in the end. 
        I made something else pretty delicious too.. chocolate chip cookie dough dip!!!!!! Check out the recipe and try it out! Very easy and tasty. I served with chocolate teddy grahams because I couldn't find any chocolate graham crackers. 

     I got some heart shaped cookie cutters and I know exactly what I am going to do with them! This summer my mom and I were pretty excited when we mastered the egg-in-the-hole, this year I am doing a heart for Valentine's day. Pretty excited, since last year I was in VA on Valentine's day and bought a heart shaped cookie cutter and it ended up being to big to use on bread. The ones I bought come in four different sizes so I shouldn't have any problems. 

    It's Thursday and that means just 2 days til we get Scout! Today I have to put together the crate and also run to BBB and Macy's and find some curtain rods and curtains for the bedrooms. I decided I would make the living room and dining room curtains. The sun is just too bright in the bedrooms and it needs to be taken care of ASAP. Still looking forward to making curtains just can't wait for all that. Alright I have a lot to do today and yes watching several episodes of The New Adventures of the Old Christine. Favorite new show. And it comes on after Will and Grace (everyday). Bye everyone, love you all!
This is Scout's 7+ picture. She is getting cuter and cuter!

----Mrs. B. Smith


Pie Crazy! and other meals.

The pie was such a hit!! I heated it up a few seconds and served with vanilla ice cream. This week's dessert is going to be a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. 

via Cooking Classy Blog

Isn't it pretty?? Make sure to check out the link so you can see how she made the pretty hearts. If this works out I am going to make it again when Matt's parents come in town. They are coming the weekend before Valentine's day and if I remember correctly Don likes cheesecake. Looking forward to seeing how mine turns out. 

full recipe here :)
Last night I made the cheesy chicken enchiladas that's going around Pinterest right now. The recipe called for only a few ingredients which was good but there were a few labor intense steps that I didn't plan for. Shredding chicken and the steps that lead to it are the worst. I had to first flattening the chicken out a little bit with the ole meat mallet. I made sure to cover it in wax paper so chicken juice (gagggg) wouldn't fly. It was my least favorite thing to do and I won't be doing it again for a while. Then I boiled the chicken and shredded it. I gathered the rest of the ingredients and realized that the cheese I got was a block and not a bag already shredded... so, more work... ahh. I got it all done and in the oven and pulled it out minutes after Matt got home from work. It all worked out. I paired it with a simple salad because I was over being in the kitchen at the point. All in all it was tasty and relatively easy so I'll cook it again and just pre cook my chicken so I'm not forced to be in the kitchen that long. Matt really liked it and insisted that it go straight to the recipe box. 
Tonight's menu is monterey chicken and parm encrusted asparagus. Updates to come! 
Yesterday was spent catching up on laundry. Our dryer is the pits! It takes almost 2 hours to dry one load of clothes. Also the exhaust or whatever goes into the bathroom, so it was hot too! Laundry will officially be a daily thing. Yuck. Oh well. Today I have to run to the grocery store to get some things and I am really weighing whether to go to the Commissary again and save a little money or hit the Farm Fresh right across the street. hmm. Okay everyone I'll update with the dinner verdict. xoxo :)

----Mrs. B. Smith


Weekend Update

    I finally made the pecan & chocolate pie!!!! Very easy.I woke up early and made a quick breakfast and then got started. Matt had to run to the grocery store (trip #4 this week) and pick up eggs and of all things I don't have, a whisk! the prep was no time at all and the cook time was 55 minutes. Haven't tried it yet, saving it for dinner. I'll let you all know how it turns out. Here is the recipe for the easy PIE!!!! 
Frozen Pie Crust

Chocolate Chips & Chopped Pecans

Chocolate Chips, Pecans, & Filling
Finished Product

     Today has been a pretty productive day. We woke up and made the pie then started to hang pictures. Hanging anything is just another reminder of the little patience I have. I'd rather hang it and then rig it later to get it to 'look' straight. Matt wasn't having any of that so we got the level and measuring tape out. After a few attempts we finally got it all done. Still have a few big things that we can't do alone. Calling the neighbor friends for that. 

    Last night we went to Petco to get all our puppy gear. It is like a baby. We had to get a tag, shampoo, potty pads, food, treats, toothbrush & paste, ear wipes, nail clippers, a winter coat (with a fur hood), doggy gates, and a tutu. I'm sure we will be back at Petco shortly after we get home with her... $$$. We are planning on driving into D.C. Friday night, finding a nice place for dinner and just driving from there to the boonies to get Scout first thing Saturday morning. Then there is a 4.5 hour drive to get back home. She is going to be riding shot gun with her mommy and I can't wait. :):):)
     We have company coming!! The Smith's are coming to stay for 5 days in a couple weeks and I am so excited! My brother and sister are coming up for spring break in March. Glad for all the visitors, anytime!!! Smith Hotel open year round! 
     Matt got his schedule for the next few months before he goes out on deployment.. our time is already limited and now it's even shorter. He has almost 6 weeks of little underways before the big one. I am already hyperventilating about it all. 


     I am having the best time, we both are. I do the cooking and he loves it and then he cleans (and does a great job at it). He takes the kitchen cleanliness very seriously. We had to go get a mop and broom last night because he just couldn't take the floors anymore. I love it so much! The only problem we had is that I couldn't find my food processor (that WORKS now) bowl and blade. He had forgotten where he put it after the dishwasher. We found it, under the SINK with all the cleaning supplies... hahaha. Never a dull moment. I have been looking up hundreds of recipes and I am so anxious to try them all. This week I am maxed out, Monday: chicken enchiladas, Tuesday: Monterey Chicken, Wednesday: Pizza, Thursday: Roasted Turkey Breast, Friday: Dinner in D.C. I'll post recipes as I cook them. I am also going to make a cheesecake. Matt loves cheesecake. He bought me an extra crust this morning because I was complaining about how mine was cracked.. it was the wrong kind but still so sweet, so I decided I'd make him a yummy cheesecake for his thoughtfulness. Okay everyone, take care, and be safe! I heard there is some bad weather heading toward Memphis! :( I love you all! xoxo.

---Mrs. B. Smith


More food :/

Good morning friends! 
Updates: I got my car titled and registered in VA which took just about an entire afternoon. I have my VA tags and all I lack is a VA driver's license and then I am a legit Virginian. There has been a lot of transitioning this week and every person we have dealt with has been so nice. It made all the waiting and paperwork less painful. We have a lot to do (probably involving more paperwork) to prepare for deployment when I am doing all the grown up things alone but we have plenty of time before that is necessary. 
I unfortunately didn't have a chance to make the Derby Pie because we were out of the house most of the afternoon but I did squeeze in a trip to the Commissary, the grocery store for military personnel and their families. It is tax free on already lower prices and they offer lots of coupons so it is worth the fifteen- twenty minute drive to base. I went around lunch yesterday and it was so packed. I didn't know where anything was so my quick trip turned into an hour and a half ordeal. I had to leave without a few things because I couldn't spend anymore time looking. After the DMV we went to another grocery store and got the few things I never found and then some. I also found a recipe on Pinterest and got the few things for that as well. You can find the delicious recipe here. Pinterest is amazing... any craving I have I can search it and find a recipe instantly. 

Crispy Cheesy Chicken. YUM!!

Matt loved the crispy cheesy chicken, and I loved how easy it was. It was so easy I was even able to clean as I went. By the time the chicken and the sauce was done and I reheated the potatoes from Thursday night the kitchen was also clean. Wonderful. I also made some carrot cake cupcakes, which I have been craving. I love cupcakes. 

We had a couple friends come over last night that live in the next town over and of course I went into straightening mode. The house has nothing hanging on the walls yet and if I would have had an extra hour before they came I would have tried my hardest to get everything done. But I didn't have a lot of time so I gathered up a lot of my things that I had in the guest room that didn't have a home and found a closet and lit some candles and did some last minute decorating and had it looking pretty good considering... Matt also put the legs on the sofa and now I love it again. We met some friends for drinks at a little place around the corner. I woke up before 8, and made some muffins and a huge breakfast for our friends that crashed instead of making the drive home last night. I am always happy to entertain. I made eggs this morning and I swear they were the best I've ever made. I would like to thank my new amazing pans and my gas stove. Perfect combo. I also made sausage and toast and broiled some bacon. I have never cooked bacon in the over but I have heard about it. The stove top was full so I resorted to the oven and it turned out crispy and delicious and the only clean up was the cookie sheet. 
Today's plan is to head to Petco and finish puppy proofing the apartment. All we lack is food, one more doggy gate, and some puppy pads. We are so excited just a week until she is here. We are going to drive into Woodbridge, VA Friday night and hit up IKEA while we are in the neighborhood before making the additional hour or so drive in the mountains to the breeder's house. The IKEA trip is necessary because we have two dining chairs with no covers and I just want to take a look at their hutches and bookshelves. IKEA is the bomb. I will blog later about all of our IKEA purchases. Matt crawled back into bed after breakfast so I may start the pie today.. we will see. I might save it for tomorrow. No cooking tonight. We are meeting some friends in Chesapeake for sushi. The best sushi I've ever eaten. 
Matt, back in the (made) bed. 
Speaking of all this eating, I have to get back into the gym this week. I think Sunday we are going to get my signed up at Matt's. I miss Pure Barre!!! My two months were the best exercise months of my life! Oh well I'll find something I enjoy. My sister started Pure barre this week and I know she will be in love too! My aunt Kim will have everybody hooked if she has her way! She needs to get a discount for all the business she is bringing in! I highly recommend it if you need a new workout regiment. Okay guys I'm going to go pry my husband from the bed I had already made... and get all these pictures and mirrors on the walls! Blog ya lata. xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith