2 days til I get my Frenchie!!!

 Hi everyone, 
   The Monterey Chicken Recipe I tried out Tuesday night was delicious! I almost didn't make it though. I had to use the meat mallet again and I wasn't ready after Monday. Luckily, I didn't get rid of Matt's George Foreman like I had originally wanted because the recipe calls for the chicken to be grilled before popping in it the over to melt the cheese on top. It was very, very easy for 2, any more and I wouldn't have had enough room in the Foreman. I also tried out the parmesan encrusted asparagus. I think I like my asparagus un-encrusted. Matt loved it, but I just thought for the work it took to make it definitely wasn't worth it in the end. 
        I made something else pretty delicious too.. chocolate chip cookie dough dip!!!!!! Check out the recipe and try it out! Very easy and tasty. I served with chocolate teddy grahams because I couldn't find any chocolate graham crackers. 

     I got some heart shaped cookie cutters and I know exactly what I am going to do with them! This summer my mom and I were pretty excited when we mastered the egg-in-the-hole, this year I am doing a heart for Valentine's day. Pretty excited, since last year I was in VA on Valentine's day and bought a heart shaped cookie cutter and it ended up being to big to use on bread. The ones I bought come in four different sizes so I shouldn't have any problems. 

    It's Thursday and that means just 2 days til we get Scout! Today I have to put together the crate and also run to BBB and Macy's and find some curtain rods and curtains for the bedrooms. I decided I would make the living room and dining room curtains. The sun is just too bright in the bedrooms and it needs to be taken care of ASAP. Still looking forward to making curtains just can't wait for all that. Alright I have a lot to do today and yes watching several episodes of The New Adventures of the Old Christine. Favorite new show. And it comes on after Will and Grace (everyday). Bye everyone, love you all!
This is Scout's 7+ picture. She is getting cuter and cuter!

----Mrs. B. Smith

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  1. Use the cookie cutter to make Valentine sugar cookies with royal icing...yummmmmm :)