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Good morning friends! 
Updates: I got my car titled and registered in VA which took just about an entire afternoon. I have my VA tags and all I lack is a VA driver's license and then I am a legit Virginian. There has been a lot of transitioning this week and every person we have dealt with has been so nice. It made all the waiting and paperwork less painful. We have a lot to do (probably involving more paperwork) to prepare for deployment when I am doing all the grown up things alone but we have plenty of time before that is necessary. 
I unfortunately didn't have a chance to make the Derby Pie because we were out of the house most of the afternoon but I did squeeze in a trip to the Commissary, the grocery store for military personnel and their families. It is tax free on already lower prices and they offer lots of coupons so it is worth the fifteen- twenty minute drive to base. I went around lunch yesterday and it was so packed. I didn't know where anything was so my quick trip turned into an hour and a half ordeal. I had to leave without a few things because I couldn't spend anymore time looking. After the DMV we went to another grocery store and got the few things I never found and then some. I also found a recipe on Pinterest and got the few things for that as well. You can find the delicious recipe here. Pinterest is amazing... any craving I have I can search it and find a recipe instantly. 

Crispy Cheesy Chicken. YUM!!

Matt loved the crispy cheesy chicken, and I loved how easy it was. It was so easy I was even able to clean as I went. By the time the chicken and the sauce was done and I reheated the potatoes from Thursday night the kitchen was also clean. Wonderful. I also made some carrot cake cupcakes, which I have been craving. I love cupcakes. 

We had a couple friends come over last night that live in the next town over and of course I went into straightening mode. The house has nothing hanging on the walls yet and if I would have had an extra hour before they came I would have tried my hardest to get everything done. But I didn't have a lot of time so I gathered up a lot of my things that I had in the guest room that didn't have a home and found a closet and lit some candles and did some last minute decorating and had it looking pretty good considering... Matt also put the legs on the sofa and now I love it again. We met some friends for drinks at a little place around the corner. I woke up before 8, and made some muffins and a huge breakfast for our friends that crashed instead of making the drive home last night. I am always happy to entertain. I made eggs this morning and I swear they were the best I've ever made. I would like to thank my new amazing pans and my gas stove. Perfect combo. I also made sausage and toast and broiled some bacon. I have never cooked bacon in the over but I have heard about it. The stove top was full so I resorted to the oven and it turned out crispy and delicious and the only clean up was the cookie sheet. 
Today's plan is to head to Petco and finish puppy proofing the apartment. All we lack is food, one more doggy gate, and some puppy pads. We are so excited just a week until she is here. We are going to drive into Woodbridge, VA Friday night and hit up IKEA while we are in the neighborhood before making the additional hour or so drive in the mountains to the breeder's house. The IKEA trip is necessary because we have two dining chairs with no covers and I just want to take a look at their hutches and bookshelves. IKEA is the bomb. I will blog later about all of our IKEA purchases. Matt crawled back into bed after breakfast so I may start the pie today.. we will see. I might save it for tomorrow. No cooking tonight. We are meeting some friends in Chesapeake for sushi. The best sushi I've ever eaten. 
Matt, back in the (made) bed. 
Speaking of all this eating, I have to get back into the gym this week. I think Sunday we are going to get my signed up at Matt's. I miss Pure Barre!!! My two months were the best exercise months of my life! Oh well I'll find something I enjoy. My sister started Pure barre this week and I know she will be in love too! My aunt Kim will have everybody hooked if she has her way! She needs to get a discount for all the business she is bringing in! I highly recommend it if you need a new workout regiment. Okay guys I'm going to go pry my husband from the bed I had already made... and get all these pictures and mirrors on the walls! Blog ya lata. xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith

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