puppy hangover

Good Morning,
    Hope everyone's weekend was great (thinking it was Monday for a minute). Ours was jam packed and I am exhausted because of it. We picked up Scout and haven't stopped. The first night she walked into her crate, curled up and fell asleep so I left her there with the door open and the doggy gates up. About 1.5 hours later (1:30am), she woke up whining so I decided if she pee pee's then she can come sleep with us. She did and it was great, she didn't wake up again til 7am (with Matt). The day was filled with lots of chasing, playing, and running around. 

The IKEA Map in the Dining Room, I love it!

     Thankfully she loves naps. The second she laid down we started getting stuff done around the house. We hung some of our IKEA purchases and I vacuumed, made the bed, blah blah. That night panned out like the previous. She is good about sleeping through the night. There may be one instance where I have to take her to the kitchen to potty or just run around (mainly run around). When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt as if I had been hit by an 18- wheeler. My face hurt, my legs were sore, my back ached, and my head was pounding(all puppy induced, I swear). After a couple accidents early in the day we moved our 2-gal party to the kitchen for the duration of the day. I laid roughly a billion training pads and just sat in the floor with her all afternoon. My goal was to wait for her to eat, poop and curl up for nap, to escape to the grocery store. I was able to sneak out and half way through my trip Matt got home, so she wasn't home awake too long. 
    I was going to make a chicken pot pie for dinner, forgot the rotisserie chicken, so I was going to roast a turkey breast, forgot to pick up the roasting pan I wanted from BBB. SOOO I began to make my cheesecake.. I had everything for that and I was determined to finish it. Remember how pretty it was in the picture?? Well mine turned out completely opposite of that! COMPLETELY. I have a problem  when it comes to reading recipes and I put double (maybe triple) the amount of raspberry sauce in the middle of the cheesecake between the layers and it showed through the top a little. I got to messing with it to make it perfect and well that didn't help. It has been in the fridge setting since last night so we will eat it tonight and I'll (get my nerve up) post a picture and give a taste verdict. 
   After finishing the (not so) beautiful cheesecake, I knew I had to figure out dinner. Savannah sent me a recipe she said was wonderful and I had most of the ingredients so I decided to go ahead with it. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Check out the recipe here and make it tonight!!! The tastiest pasta I've had in a long time!
   Tonight we are having tilapia, veggies and I am going to try hasselback potatoes
   Since I'm spending so much time away from the TV this week I started reading a book Savannah's mom got me for a wedding gift, it's pretty interesting so far. I recommend it :).
   Okay I'm outta here I gotta sick puppy. She has a tummy ache
:(. Poor puppy. I called her breeder and she gave me some advice and I got her some Pepcid A/C. She should be up and better by the middle of the day. Everyone take a look at my new doormat. I ordered it originally and we missed it while we were on our honeymoon but then I found it at BBB. :) Love it! BYE everyone! xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith


  1. Thanks for the recipes! I've printed out both of them to put in my recipe book :) And I love your door mat. So perfect for y'all!

  2. My mom got me that book too- and like a thousand page book on laundry. I took it as an insult and have yet to open either of them- haha

    1. the Home Comforts is actually full of helpful tips. I have been bookmarking all kinds of charts! It is rather lengthy so I am just skipping around.