Weekend Update

    I finally made the pecan & chocolate pie!!!! Very easy.I woke up early and made a quick breakfast and then got started. Matt had to run to the grocery store (trip #4 this week) and pick up eggs and of all things I don't have, a whisk! the prep was no time at all and the cook time was 55 minutes. Haven't tried it yet, saving it for dinner. I'll let you all know how it turns out. Here is the recipe for the easy PIE!!!! 
Frozen Pie Crust

Chocolate Chips & Chopped Pecans

Chocolate Chips, Pecans, & Filling
Finished Product

     Today has been a pretty productive day. We woke up and made the pie then started to hang pictures. Hanging anything is just another reminder of the little patience I have. I'd rather hang it and then rig it later to get it to 'look' straight. Matt wasn't having any of that so we got the level and measuring tape out. After a few attempts we finally got it all done. Still have a few big things that we can't do alone. Calling the neighbor friends for that. 

    Last night we went to Petco to get all our puppy gear. It is like a baby. We had to get a tag, shampoo, potty pads, food, treats, toothbrush & paste, ear wipes, nail clippers, a winter coat (with a fur hood), doggy gates, and a tutu. I'm sure we will be back at Petco shortly after we get home with her... $$$. We are planning on driving into D.C. Friday night, finding a nice place for dinner and just driving from there to the boonies to get Scout first thing Saturday morning. Then there is a 4.5 hour drive to get back home. She is going to be riding shot gun with her mommy and I can't wait. :):):)
     We have company coming!! The Smith's are coming to stay for 5 days in a couple weeks and I am so excited! My brother and sister are coming up for spring break in March. Glad for all the visitors, anytime!!! Smith Hotel open year round! 
     Matt got his schedule for the next few months before he goes out on deployment.. our time is already limited and now it's even shorter. He has almost 6 weeks of little underways before the big one. I am already hyperventilating about it all. 


     I am having the best time, we both are. I do the cooking and he loves it and then he cleans (and does a great job at it). He takes the kitchen cleanliness very seriously. We had to go get a mop and broom last night because he just couldn't take the floors anymore. I love it so much! The only problem we had is that I couldn't find my food processor (that WORKS now) bowl and blade. He had forgotten where he put it after the dishwasher. We found it, under the SINK with all the cleaning supplies... hahaha. Never a dull moment. I have been looking up hundreds of recipes and I am so anxious to try them all. This week I am maxed out, Monday: chicken enchiladas, Tuesday: Monterey Chicken, Wednesday: Pizza, Thursday: Roasted Turkey Breast, Friday: Dinner in D.C. I'll post recipes as I cook them. I am also going to make a cheesecake. Matt loves cheesecake. He bought me an extra crust this morning because I was complaining about how mine was cracked.. it was the wrong kind but still so sweet, so I decided I'd make him a yummy cheesecake for his thoughtfulness. Okay everyone, take care, and be safe! I heard there is some bad weather heading toward Memphis! :( I love you all! xoxo.

---Mrs. B. Smith


  1. Good job on keeping us all updated! I didn't realize how close you would now be to D.C. :) Have fun Friday!

  2. Make your own dough for the pizza! It makes all the difference! And super easy with a food processor!

  3. Good idea @Savannah, I'll look one up.

  4. I love that you got Scout a tutu. Hilarious!