Our girl is here!!!

             Yesterday was the day we picked up SCOUT. We drove the 4.5 hour trek to the Shenandoah Valley in Northern Virginia, near the West Virginia state line. The first half of the trip we had seen before going to Ikea but the second half was amazing. We drove through the valley and on either side of us you could see mountain ranges. It was breathtaking. My photography skills while riding in the car were less than perfect but I captured what I could. 

Shenandoah Valley, VA

These views are actually from the mountain we had to drive up to get to the breeder's home. Equally amazing. ahhh.

 The first pups we saw were some of her adult French Bulldogs. So much energy, as you can see. They are a little blurry but the brindle (black) and white Frenchie is Scout's mom, Pandora and the all fawn Frenchie is Scout's dad, Java. Very beautiful parents to make a beautiful little baby. She was the only one of her litter to take after her mom.

Meet Scout
The most precious French Bulldog puppy
and my new bff 

Our car ride was long... very long but after the first 1.5 hour she settled down (after she peed on her blanket). She has never been outside so when we stopped at a rest stop and let her out she was a little freaked out. We are going to re-visit that later this week once she is fully potty trained on her training pads. She has been pretty good about using them, but we have a lot of work to do. As you can see she is the cutest thing on Earth. She looks like a little cow grazing around the apartment. She loves her crate and dragged all her toys and even a potty pad in there last night before falling asleep on her own. She woke up about an hour later and we put her in the bed with us and she slept for over 6 hours. It worked out perfectly. Scout loves the sound her potty pads make and loves to hop around on them and drag them around. This is adorable but we have to cut it out or the first time we leave her alone she will destroy all her pads. She is so small she can't jump on any furniture and has probably walked more the last 24 hours than she has her whole life. Building the muscles in her back legs will make her much more mobile. She is already so lovable. I'll post some videos of her hopping around soon. 

 Favorite toy, potty pads!!!!

 Scout the leopard  

 Scout loves to nap and so does Matt, perfect relationship. 

We are so happy and having so much fun chasing her around. More pictures to come. Have a good Sunday! I AM making the cheesecake today... I started Friday but had to go out and get some stuff and then it became too late blah blah blah... anyways today's the day. Pictures to come. Alright everyone I'll talk to you later. xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith (Scout's momma)


  1. How precious is she! Puppies are the best, I definitely miss the puppy day with my Maddie girl!

  2. She is adorable, Brooke! And I love her little leopard sweater :)