New Curtains

 I ordered my new curtains at Macy's today. I am going to hang them in the bedroom. I love them and they were on sale ( and I used a promo code and a gift card). Now all I have to find are rods. I am going to try Pier 1 and Bed Bath and Beyond first because I have lots of gift cards and I don't think I'll need anything too flashy since the curtains are so adorable. I ordered them in 96'' length instead of 85'', I'd rather have them too long and hem them a little than not having enough to work with.  What do you think??? I'll post pictures when they come in, hopefully early next week :).

I couldn't figure out how to save a picture from the website so just check them out here--> new curtains. I ordered them in Linen. I'm excited!Have a good weekend everyone. Next post I'll be a Scout owner.. loads of pictures to come! xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith

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  1. I like those curtains :) And I totally agree over the length...something about having them slightly "pool" on the floor makes the windows look somewhat bigger to me.

    Also, just for future reference, save the picture file first to your computer (I just have a file on my desktop called Blog for all related photos), and then you can click on the "photo" icon on the top of the screen where you write, and you should be able to upload your picture from there. :)

    You've been doing great with updating this! Love all the newlywed details!!