What's been going on!

I've been busy-ish.

   I'm pretty much just going to update you all in pictures. 
But first a real life update. 
   Scout's vet appointment went well. She got all shot up and slept for a day. It was actually a nice relaxing day for both of us. Matt came home all safe and sound and immediately had a duty day. For those who are not familiar with military jargon. Every person on the boat is put on a duty rotation schedule. Since Matt is a chief now he only has a duty day every 5 days or so (it used to be every 3-4 days, horrible). These days are spent on the boat for a fun-filled 24 hour shift. Now, if it lands on the weekend you get to go home as soon as your shift is up, but if it's say, a Monday, you have to wake up and keep working. So there are some days where Matt goes to work and I don't see him for over 36 hours. He had a fab duty day the day after he got back so I was left alone again and found myself in the craft store (again). He had the busiest week of his life last week. Our one week together before a whopping 5 WEEK underway. THEN, if all that hasn't blown your mind he leaves for a SIX MONTH deployment shortly after he returns from the 5 week thing. Life over here is starting to get real, real fast. I have been a wreck a little bit(a lotta bit). I knew it would be hard, and I can handle it, I just can't take how fast time is going. Before I know it I will be a single wife, sounds weird huh??!! Well, luckily I can handle large amounts of weird before being completely broken down. And to top off this horrible week, guess who is working half day today and tomorrow. So as of Monday he leaves and I'm left to tend to our life, alone. I have my sister and brother coming a few days after he leaves which couldn't be better timing!I also had a job interview last week. A friend of mine that lives here let me in on a job opening at her work. It's a part time position and that's just what I was looking to start with. I'll update with news as I get it (fingers crossed). Having a job will help so much with everything by keeping me busy. Even know that is a whole lot of negative up there, I still wouldn't trade it with any other scenario. This is what I chose and I'll stand by it until the end. This year will be over before you know it and we have the holidays(don't for a second think I haven't started imagining my apt decked in Christmas decor) to look forward too. Okay enough of negative town, let's get to what I've been doing the past week.

    I got the sewing machine out. I repeat, I got the sewing machine out. And I updated a table runner from my wedding and finally assembled my doily's I've been hoarding for months into an adorable runner.

I am using the doily one right now and I love it. As soon as I find the equivalent to Summer Avenue in antique stores I'll get some more and add on. 
     After a few bridal showers and various other projects I have acquired a lot of scrap fabric so I decided to find something I could do with it. Something quick, I'm always on the path to instant gratification. 
I got these bud vases as wedding gifts and these fabric flowers are the perfect little accent for them. Right now they are hanging out on my cable box under my TV. Need to find a better spot, to cute for the cable box. 
     My next out-of-boredom-&-curiosity was covering my IKEA dining chairs in burlap. Again, I had tons left over from the wedding. I love any project that involves using the staple gun.

So, what do you think?? The picture is dark, but I think it really warms up the space. The chairs are dark brown and the table is a darker wood and I just really like the feel of burlap(anywhere)

  As everyone I've ever met by now knows, I love my French bulldog. She is my sunshine. So naturally I google frenchies most of the day and what do you know I came upon a pretty awesome picture/image that looked similar to Scout, but in a super fun way! I chose a coordinating matte to go with the bubble gum and then just added a clear glass frame. I love how it turned out. 
She is obsessed with herself too.... 
 So with that project completed I immediately revisited the idea for a gallery wall. I attempted in my old apartment but the wall was just too big and I didn't have enough to fill it. Once I got started I just couldn't stop. 

 The  artwork is actually covering an ugly fuse box. I picked a stencil I liked and went to town. It has already been 5 different colors and I still don't think I'm done. The "B" will eventually be changed to "S" as soon as I find a place with cute letters. Matt hates Abe, but I just love that plate. I found it in some of my dad's stuff a long time ago and think it's neat. 
I want to add a narrow console table under it with some baskets for storage underneath. Until then, it is very fun to look at!

I also carried it on to the wall adjacent to it. I had some other odd and ends that I didn't know exactly what to do with. Again, the "B" will be an "S" haha. 
How fitting, a picture of Scout, that Scout chewed right before hanging. 

I saw some adorable chalkboard labels on Etsy and just had to have them, but of course my need for instant gratification kicked in and I thought it would take less time for me to find chalkboard contact paper and actually make them myself. 
Funny, how I mistook coffee for flour... it was late.

This is the office/sewing room, located conveniently in our living room. I found the chair cover at Pier 1 and it it is now my favorite space!  
Creativity happens here, and a lot of $%&#!
        There you have it, what I've been doing with my time for the past week! I told you I have been busy! So much more to do around here and the sewing projects I want to start are end less! Have a fab weekend, I am going to make the best of mine with my honey. xoxo.

----Mrs. B. Smith



  1. Looks like keeping yourself busy is pretty easy for you. Good luck in the upcoming weeks! I know it's hard to be by yourself but you are so strong!! I never knew you could sew. Love getting to peak into your life.

  2. love all the projects!!