In the NAVY

    As most of you know I am alone this week. Matt had to go underway and I definitely underestimated how lonely/bored I would be. I was sick all weekend and that took up a lot of time (especially since I spent two days watching both seasons of DOWNTON ABBEY and let's just say I'M OBSESSED), but now that I am well and more bored than ever, (NEED MORE DOWNTON ABBEY) what to do?!? Well craft of course. I finally took the sewing machine out of the box and my first project is to update my burlap table runner. The runner is from my wedding and is trimmed in fabrics that coordinated with my other colors, it is also a little wide for the pub table. I am going to go with a simple trim fabric, maybe something blue or ivory. My plan is for that room to have a nautical theme. After we put the map up I just couldn't see it being any other way. There is a lot of blue in the map and all my furniture is wood or wicker so it just fit. The blue in the map is much lighter than I will use. I am going for something much bolder. I have two upholstered chairs from IKEA that are currently a blank canvas waiting for me to cover them in something fun and nautically. I found a great website with tons of wonderful fabric choices. 

As nautical as it gets, folks. 
(all via pinterst)

   Since, we are in the Navy it is only fitting that I dedicate an entire room's design to it. The possibilities are endless and lucky for me I'm near the beach so I have plenty of inspiration :).

   Other craft projects on the agenda: I was intrigued by all the painted vases and jars I have been seeing on Pinterest so I decided I'd give it a try. I had a lot of glassware leftover from my wedding but really didn't have any ideas for it all. I found some small pieces and got some paint and just tested it out. They haven't dried out yet but they look pretty neat so far. They look less saturated in real life. I'll take a better shot once they are dry.
     Stay tuned for updates on today's craft adventures.

     I will end with this cutie. Who would have known she would be growing this fast. It makes me sad!! Our idea for little Scout was to keep me company while Matt is away this year(most of 2012)(my deployment buddy). Well this week she was put to the test and she is a little blessing. I have someone to talk to, cuddle with and take care of. She is the best. And will be even better when she is potty-trained 100%. Have a fab Tuesday everyone, xoxo.

----Mrs. B. Smith


  1. So glad to hear your update :) I love the first fabric swatch...and I'm sure with your creative mind, MR. will return to a totally different house!

  2. love all the fabric & nautical touches :)