Yarn is taking over

    So it's been two days without Matthew and I don't think it has hit me that I have several, several, several more to go. I went to a knitting class last night at Michael's. I am trying to prep myself with tons of skills, before the big deployment, to keep myself busy. I had a great time learning the knit stitch and already signed up for two more classes (patterns & cables). If Scout will ever let me do anything beside play with her I might finish what we started last night. She has a serious problem when I am busy doing something else. Hopefully she will realize that my crafting is not as threatening as she thinks. 
   This weekend I went nuts on Pinterest... I went through some old posts and new and just did the simple projects. I'm sure most of you have seen the William-Sonoma air freshener..
AMAZING. The apartment smelled wonderful. I have a gas stove and I feel like it was keeping it hotter than if it were electric. So I had to keep adding water but only like 3x in a day. I also had some fun with my hair which I never do. My hair is an afterthought everyday and it is entirely too long so it was fun to do something with it besides a bun or ponytail. 

Couldn't even tell we had a stinky little puppy.
Matt snapped these. He loves all the projects I attempt.
tutorial here
 Last week I was watching the Nate Berkus show and he featured a blogger that made this awesome lampshade. I bought a white ceramic lamp a couple weeks ago and still had no shade, but didn't want a plain one. I accidentally bought too many shades at IKEA and after seeing this project all I needed was yarn. 

   I am so pleased with how it turned out. The orange color is more of a coral and once I get it on the base I'll take another picture. It took less than 2 hours and afterwards I wanted to wrap everything in yarn. 
   I didn't wrap everything in yarn but I did do a couple other projects with it. 
Yarn flowers, which I love! These are just different sized poms.

Yarn garland!!! I don't think I'll keep that in my kitchen, but I have visions of a very yarn-filled Christmas!

This little cutie was an IKEA purchase that needed some(yarn)thing. I love the pom poms. I think I am going to add some ribbon to the top and bottom to make it look more put together.

Perfect for the sewing corner!

   And that is my weekend in YARN. Now it is Wednesday, my sister and brother are coming TOMORROW and I have a lot of cleaning to do! We have a big week planned. D.C. this weekend, Williamsburg for outlet shopping, go-karts, & Busch Gardens, and so so much more. I have the task of entertaining a 12 year old which means we will be non stop. Luckily Brittany can survive with just shopping! Updates soon friends. One more exciting thing... my wedding pictures are being delivered this week. I am so excited to have them all to show! Have a wonderful Wednesday. xoxo

---Mrs. B. Smith


  1. I always want to try stuff with my hair but am unsure where to start... Oh and love all the yarn stuff. Can you just decorate my house??? I get too many ideas and no where to start!

  2. Brooke, will you do my hair, make me a lampshade, and invite me to your home? :)

  3. You should have done THAT ^^^^ to my hair when you were here this weekend! Maybe if I visit you can do that to mine : )