Sorry for the break!! This week has been a little crazy. We had a wonderful Valentine's Day, in and all my recipes turned out great. Matt ended up working until 8 Wednesday, and came home sick Thursday with some kind of stomach bug. I underestimated the bug and thought he was just exhausted. He left for an underway early, early Friday morning and I had to make sure to get him fully packed (since he was sick) before then. Before I finally went to bed, I realized I was SICK!!! UGH. So yesterday was spent trying to feel better. Also trying not to think about Matt being gone for a WEEK. I am such a sissy, I purposely stayed up late so I would fall right to sleep when I decided to lay down. He was suppose to email yesterday (and I'm sure he did) but I haven't received anything yet. 
    In the midst of my crazy week, we got Brittany and Rob's plane tickets booked for March! Lots of stuff planned for that week. Unfortunately, we just found out that Matt would be out to sea for 4 weeks and won't be here when they are here. It works out for me, because they will be here to keep me company :). The funny thing about their trip is neither of them has ever flown and the flight from Memphis to Norfolk is not direct so they will have 2 flights their first day of flying ha. I'm sure they will be fine (fingers crossed). 
    Scout has really been giving me a run for my money lately... I swear just when I think we are getting somewhere she disregards all her previous training. For example, this morning we got up and were going to go out, and before I could even get my shoes on, she walked through the kitchen (passed all her puppy pads) and went potty in my dining room floor, WHILE LOOKING AT ME, telling her NO!! You can imagine my frustration at that point. We got her as my 'deployment buddy' and hopefully by deployment she will be less of a handful. We have our next vet appointment Wednesday, looking forward to seeing how much she has grown. She looks so much bigger!! Her head is no longer the biggest part of her body ha (now her belly)!  
Here are some pictures & recipes from the week :)

Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

    The cheesecake bites were really simple... I wanted something easy&fast so I bought the no bake kit and only used what I needed. Delish!! And let me tell you, those mushrooms were to die for!! We could have made a meal out of those alone! So yummy!!

I need everyone's opinion on something... I think I am about to get a serious haircut.
This is the most recent (decent) picture of my current hair

This is the bob from 08-09.

And this is the happy medium I've found.

What do you think? Should I stay the same, go all the way with the bob or meet in the middle (kinda) with Sophia Bush's cute cut??

----Mrs. B. Smith

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  1. Brooke, I think if you are going to cut, cut ALL the way. No medium. Straight to BOB if you are going! :) Love you & miss you.