The dog days are not over...

Little Scout is quite the handful these days. She still had an upset stomach last night and I found out the hard way on my bedroom and dining room floor all in a matter of seconds. Needless to say, we will be exercising our right to use the crate. It's best for all of us. I spent all morning researching tips on how to control biting and chewing too... so as you can see we mean business now. Heading out to PetSmart today to pick up some Bitter Apple and spray it on all her favorite chewing spots,which include but are not limited to the corner of my rugs, her doggy gate, kitchen chairs, crate, shoes, and my feet. After Friday she will get to explore the great outdoors, once she is all checked out at the vet. Hopefully that will get her excited about training. Wishful thinking probably. We love her, she is just lots and lots of work. 

So dinner got derailed because of puppy probs, so we went with the always easy toad in the hole (egg in the hole) with bologna this time!

1 piece of bread ( I used a big wheat slice )
1 piece of bologna 
1 egg
butter, salt, pepper, paprika(optional)

  • Butter one side of your bread and place your bologna on the other side. 
  • Use a cup, biscuit cutter, cookie cutter or anything that gives you about a 2in hole. 
  • Lay the bread and bologna, bologna side down to fry. 
  • After you think it is fried enough flip it over, bread side down now. 
  • Crack your egg in the center, salt and pepper. Let it cook for a few minutes.
  •  Flip it one last time, being careful not to let it all fall apart. A big turner will do the trick. It only needs a minute on the other side to finish any cooking. 
  • Once it's done, plate it up sprinkle a little paprika if you want and whalaaa, toad in the hole. 
Don't forget about the center you punched out, that can be fried up too :). Try it out, so easy and so fun to eat! next time I'll post a picture but here is one I made a while back, sans the bologna. DELISH. No time for pictures but I did spruce them up with my heart shaped cookie cutter!
   The cheesecake was amazing! I don't think I could ever make a no-bake again. It was so delicious I had 1.5 pieces. haha. Looking forward to an appropriate time to eat some more, after lunch maybe? I've decided to post picture of the less than pretty (compared to the beautiful picture) cheesecake. No judgements!!
   Superbowl Sunday is approaching and as always I am more interested in friends and food than football. Matt purchased a turkey fryer over Christmas and enjoys the occasional fried turkey, this weekend would mark one of those occasions. Picking up a turkey today and thawing Thursday-Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing how it's all done. The last two turkeys I missed out on but got some sweet video footage. I'll make sure to post some pics/vids for all your viewing pleasure. I am also planning on making the fabulous Chocolate/Pecan Pie I made two weeks ago. I have all the ingredients, including the pie crust and it was such a hit I thought why not?? I am looking for one more dish to make, maybe something savory. Side note, we are going to a friends, and NOT eating an entire pie and fried turkey alone. ha. 

I'm off to PetSmart to hopefully buy some of my sanity back. Wish me luck. xoxo

----Mrs. B. Smith


  1. Girl, I think that cheesecake looks delicious!! (and pretty too!)

  2. When it comes to Scout, it will get better. I promise. And I am a full believe in the crate. Trooper is an 85 lb dog & he will chew everything if we let him but we learned at an early age what not to chew by a stern no & a swat to the butt. I hated even being stern with him but it truly works. just love on Scout when she is good :)

    1. We are such suckers when she whines, but tonight we are crate training all the way. She seems to hate the Apple Bitters stuff so that is a plus. I just have to remember to spray it. Hope your well :)