Crafting, finally

   Yesterday was a fairly productive day. I left Scout for the first time in her crate, in the kitchen. I was gone for over two hours and when I got home I swear she was just waking up from the nap she was taking when I left her. I'm telling myself that at least. I managed to make it to Michael's and get my craft on for a bit which is always good. I realized though that I left a lot of my main crafting tools/twine (twine is one of my go to craft favorites. I buy in bulk) back in Memphis and it made me very sad. I managed to finish a project or two with what I had. I'm just going to have to rebuild my stock up again. This is what I did: 

    A moss covered wreath. This project should be done outside. Moss is a very messy material. (I learned the hard way and will be vacuuming all morning.) I was going to do an "S" but I decided a wreath would go better in my guest room. My plan is to hang it in between the two windows. I rigged two curtain rods into one super long one to hang across both windows. I have some simple brown tab curtains that I am going to spruce up on the machine with some burlap and buttons. My guest room has my old bedroom furniture that I adore, it just needs some more love to make it perfect. Going to pick up some hardware tomorrow and get the curtain rod hung and then maybe bust out the sewing machine to work on the curtains :). Deadline of course is when the Smith's come to visit next Thursday. Whatever I can get done will be a big plus. I have some other frames that we will probably hang this weekend. Hoping to see the UPS guy before Friday with my new bedroom curtains. Matt needs to go ahead and hang those rods, today.. ha. After curtain/guest room project I plan on working on the dining room. It is in serious need of some TLC. I love the table, chairs, rug and now my big awesome map that I love more each day but it needs more. The room lacks in lighting and also furniture. I am hoping to get this cabinet soon and it will double as kitchen storage too. 
via o.co
    Isn't it perfect?? And it's under $150!!! The doors slide to close off the front completely. They have a solid glass front one too that I want for the kitchen once Scout moves out ;). In the meantime, I have some white curtains that I've used in my other apartments that I'll hang in there until I make some of my own. I just need to pick up some rods. I've decided to use what I have until I am absolutely positive I want to invest on a particular style. 
    After reading (skimming) the big book about cleaning and housekeeping it has inspired me to invest in a deep cleaning regiment. I am looking for a type of chart to break it down for me to just check off day to day, week to week, and then every month. Until then I was wondering if any of you have a favorite cleaning product? One of my favorite products to do quick cleaning with is Clorox wipes. They are wonderful and safe on all surfaces. We buy in bulk at Sam's. 
    For dinner I made the Hasselback potatoes, delish!!! You can find several recipes on Pinterest for them. 

Hasselback Potatoes
  • Basically, just slice your potatoes almost all the way through. 
  • Place garlic and butter slices in between the layers. 
  • Sprinkle with pepper, salt, fresh rosemary, and drizzle with olive oil. 
  • Bake at 450 degrees for 40-60 minutes. I did about 45, but I may try for a solid hour next time. 
We also had a bunch of veggies and salmon (for me) & tilapia (for Matt). Tonight I am going to make a hamburger pie. Matt's mom, Susan, gave me a rather tasty looking recipe. 

     Quick update on Miss Scout last night. We moved her crate into our bedroom (genius) and when it was time for bed I brought her in the room and placed her in her crate. She whimpered just a second until she saw that I was right next to her on the bed. She slept soundly until 2:30a. She took a potty break and then right back in the crate and right back to sleep until daddy woke up at 4:30 and another pee&poo and back to bed until 7:30. Good Morning to me! I slept wonderfully. I know I said earlier this week that it was 'great' that she was sleeping with us... I didn't know how great, great could be and her being in her crate is truly great. We are so proud of little Scout. Everyone have a great day :). xoxo.

----Mrs. B. Smith


  1. If you want to be super domesticated, my mom makes her own cleaning products. I think they have the ingredients in that book. She said her bathroom has never been cleaner.

  2. I'll definitely be attempting my own soon. As soon as Scout stops following me around and sitting on my feet when I stop.