Sore mom, needy dog, yummy turkey ;)

Good Morning everyone!
   I am so sore from the gym... hahaha. I figured I would be but OUCH! No pain no gain! I did some cardio and then switched from workouts I learned at Pure Barre and CrossFit. I was all over the exercise map. For dinner, I literally just threw together leftovers from all weekend. We ended up with a feast but all the extra food is gone so it was a success.
   The turkey we fried this weekend was OUTSTANDING. If you have never had a fried turkey ( like I hadn't ) go fry one now! So juicy and tender. I'll never eat a non-fried turkey.

Let's break it down:
Turkey: $21
Beer & Butter: already had it :)
Fryer: $50 (used 3x now)
Prep time: 30 minutes and maybe overnight if you do a rub
Cooking Frying time: 45 minutes
Feeds: 10-20 easily

So however you wanna do that math, it adds up to totally WORTH IT!

   I chose Tuesdays to clean my sheets and bedding.. Oh joy, my dryer gets to work double time today. By the time Matt gets home from work I'm sure it will just be drying its second load. Luckily it is chilly here today so the extra heat won't be such a bad thing. I also have to get to the grocery store. I attempted to get some recipes from Pinterest but I just get so ADD. I think I am going to do stuffed shells (a recipe from my mom), still looking for some other yummy, easy recipes for all meals. One of my distractions was looking at chocolate mousse... I think I was just craving chocolate but I may have to try my hand in that. I'll update all recipes later. The curtains. still. aren't. HUNG. I am being a good, quiet wife about it, until today.. haha I am going to try to do it myself first and then he can will hang them. So with that said, I am going to go get the drill and get to hanging. Pictures to come when they are finally up! Geez! 

Scout update: Her vet visit went something like this:

naive 1st time pet owner (me): We love our baby dog sooo much!
vet: well she will cost as much as a baby.
N1TPO(me): (puzzled) oh. We love our baby dog sooo much!
vet: yeah, she has this this this and this all wrong, BUT don't worry that's NORMAL for a French Bulldog and we can do it all for this $$$$ on this day. 
N1TPO (me): oh great, wonderful, tears. . . .we (sob) love (sob) our (sob) baby (sob) dog 

  Of course I was the most dramatic pet parent that had ever walked the halls of Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital but still being told your dog has a weird leg, a hernia, and a unformed skull or something less dramatic than that... it can be a little overwhelming. 

   The look on my face was at a constant wide-eyed state as he kept reassuring me that 'everything is fine', 'totally normal', 'nothing to worry about, yet', 'we will keep watching it', 'just don't let anyone accidentally kick her' )#(&*$(#*&%!!! Other than the doomed cost of pet ownership, we love our vet very much and are glad we have them to take care of little Scout and all her genetic health probs. She really is our little baby. We get up with her at night, we clean poop off of other surfaces besides her diaper(puppy pad), she whines, crys, screams (barks), if she isn't getting attention and she is a little clumsy. Oh and we are exhausted and this is what I hear only a fraction of a real human baby. Well the baby store can keep its babies for a LONG TIME. We are barely hanging on with the baby bulldog. **As mommy writes about her parenting woes, baby bulldog sleeps (snoring/grunting) not so soundly next to her. **

Off to take care of home & pup. xoxo.
----Mrs. B. Smith

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  1. Bless your heart over Scout! They really are like babies!