Happy Friday!

   Happy Friday to everyone!!! 
   I'm not even working but I feel such relief when the weekend comes. It means Matt is home and can watch Scout while I do other things beside watch Scout. ha. Speaking of Miss Scout, she has her vet appointment today so we gave her a bath last night and had to put her collar on her today. She has been trying to itch it off all morning.She wore herself out over it. 

     We chose our vet because he actually has a French Bulldog and he is the owner so another plus. This is going to be so helpful especially when I am left to care for Scout all by myself later this year. Vet on speed dial. Our breeder, Becky, is also amazing. She has tons of cheap tips since she has so many dogs she can't front high med bills so her vet tells her all the at home remedies and she has no issues sharing with us! Great woman. If anyone is in the market for a new French bulldog or English bulldog, OR just wants to see the cutest puppies on the planet in one place check out her website here. I promise you will die a little from cuteness overload. If I wouldn't have been in a cute coma the day we got Scout I would have snapped a picture of all 8 Frenchies in the pen together, laying and jumping on each other... precious doesn't even begin to describe. Okay seriously check it out, just for the pictures at least. Start your Friday off right!
     On the docket for the weakend: we are hosting our first Game Night tonight with some of our friends. Since we got engaged, plans have been in the work for weekly/bi-weekly game night. It's all we talked about when we all got together up here. SO tonight is the night. Of course, we have NO games, so a friend is bringing some ha. I'm making that delicious Smoky Chicken Pasta we had earlier this week. I am tweaking the recipe a little bit to make a bigger batch. No science or math involved here. Just adding 3 extra chicken breast and kinda doubling the sauce. No plan yet, except the chicken is marinating in the crockpot all day. YUMM. My mom is also making it tonight too. I'm telling you all, it's the BOMB. Saturday is reserved for home improvements. One set of my curtains came in yesterday so we are going to go ahead and hang all the rods (in both master and guest room). I managed to iron all my old brown curtains to begin pinning the burlap on today so maybe a little sewing in the further. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath. And then Super Bowl Food Sunday. Turkey is in the fridge thawing now. The checkout lady was curious as to why I would be buying a turkey 'this time of year'. I explained to her that a $20 turkey feeds a lot more people than $20 worth of hot wings ;). She agreed. Fried, beer, butter turkey coming up. 
     Last night I was going to make the cheeseburger pie, UNTIL, I cut my finger. I got some pretty awesome (dangerous) knives for a wedding gift from my grandparents, just the ones I wanted, BUT they are a killer if you aren't careful. The knife barely hit the tip of my thumb, like a graze, but since this is such a serious blade..SLICE.. BLOOD. No cheeseburger pie. SO meatloaf instead, easier and Matt mixed it since both his hands are in tact. I mashed some potatoes and roasted asparagus (our go to veg). And we finished off the cheesecake last night... very sad to see it go. That was the best cheesecake I've ever eaten! 
     As I finished off my last piece of cheesecake, I decided that MONDAY, no sooner, it's gym and healthy time. Since I have been here I have been cooking with real butter... a lot of it too. Dinners are the killer around here. I don't eat throughout the day much but I make a big dinner and I'm still going to have fun cooking just healthier (much healthier) meals. Matt bought the most intense juicer you've ever seen last year and I thought about kicking it off with a little juice fast, but honestly I don't think I could handle my own mood if I did that. I may do some substituting though. We juiced last year a good bit and I enjoyed it, I just love a hot meal too much to give it all up, even for just 10 days. By Monday I will be a member at Matt's gym and my PLAN is to hit it up everyday (during the day) for their classes. They have classes all day, every day. One hour a day. Hold me accountable friends!! 
    Alright folks, I have a sleeping puppy that leaves me wide open until she decides to wake up and need my full attention for another couple hours. 
Must be nice :)
And a big thanks to Whitney at That's Influence with the wonderful blog name tip :)!! She has blogging down to an art!
----Mrs. B. Smith


  1. Maddie hated her collar at first too, now she loves the thing! We take it off at night or when we are in for the day/night so when it gets put back on she knows it means she is going somewhere. Sometimes she will even go get it and want it back on in hopes it will make us want to take her out on a car ride or something haha

    1. Scout doesn't know what going somewhere is yet or for that matter what potty or food is... we have a LONG way to go. Just yesterday she ate her poop. Just when I think we are making some headway she goes and does something like that.

    2. It will take some time haha. Maddie had a poop eating phase as well, she would roll around in it and get it all over her and then eat it. SUPER!! Haha, they outgrow that stuff, just takes time. (Maddie still gets a craving for poo every now and again, I don't understand her deal haha)

  2. I have a juicer & I love it!